The Power of Cargo Forwarder.

Cargo Forwarder™ is an open, interoperable supply chain and freight management system.

Cargo Forwarder™ seamlessly integrates with your supply chain.  

Through adopting an API-first approach, your business can benefit from interoperability between systems, networks, partners and customers to achieve total efficiency.

Scalability and growth is easily achieved through your own e-commerce API that connects you to your customers for a complete supply chain solution.


Connect and send eAWB Data and Messaging.

Ocean Carriers

Integrate Sailing Schedules, Bookings and Tracking.

Road Haulage

Connect Marketplace Haulage Networks.

Last Mile Couriers

Integrate delivery partners and label creation.


Connect email, text-based chat apps and voice.


Sync data two ways with your accounting system.


Deploy border clearance modules.


Integrate your insurance broker's API.


Make instant cross border payments to partners.


Integrate your customers WMS for real-time orders.


Connect traceability tools for supply chain visibility.


Connect your customers e-commerce POS at scale.

Developer Tools.

Build your own Cargo Forwarder™ apps using the Developer Console with over 350 endpoints, your Cargo Forwarder™ includes a modern scalable Restful API on your own company URL.

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