May 20, 2021

Why the UK will never be a competing tech hub until this happens.

Written by:
Mick Morris

When we positioned Buytasker in the heart of the UK’s so called tech epicentre, it was about acquiring the best talent, catching engineers between jobs or sifting through the array of lacklustre companies to fish our next hire. The idea of being able to grow fast, dynamic and agile methodologies that present sprints the length of king street, watching empty seats remain empty whilst we wait for our next hire to serve out their outrageous 3 month notice period.

Understandably if those new hires were tied to an ESOP or some other form of equity commitment, you would totally understand the 3 month notice requirement, most scenarios however, it's a bottleneck, sometimes life defining.

I’m inviting you all to comment and share your thoughts for and against the bottleneck, here are my thoughts on all businesses that serve a 3 month notice period on their employees:

Scenario 1. When employers possess a rotten apple at the core of their company culture, the reason why employees have chosen to move on is clear, but the employer just cannot face facts, are too stubborn and self centred to care for employees, why not allow them and encourage them with the best shot of leveraging from your business to somebody else's?

Scenario 2. If you have mutually achieved the best from this employee, the employee may be saddened to part ways, they are looking forward, progressing, they have grown, learnt and thrived and they feel it’s time to leave positively, not because they don’t like you. Perhaps it is because the product does not challenge them anymore? Fair enough right?

Considering the above scenarios, your employees have done all they can for you but selfishly you would like to hold them to you with legal threats and chained to your miserable culture or just chained because you think you own them, rather than seeing them move up and onwards and progress their career.

The UK government promotes tech and innovation as the next 20 years of growth as an independent EU Exit overachiever. Well, that’s a joke, and until employment contract reform happens they are absolutely dreaming.

Allowing the 3 month notice period is slowing the growth of innovation and speed to which UK startups need to compete and take on the world market in their respective vertical. The UK will never ever compete until this terrible policy is made illegal.

We have turned down a number of quality hires due to a long 3 month or more notice period, the counter argument is ‘Well good employees are worth waiting for?’ Yes this is true, doesn’t mean you should, you don’t own your employees, employment is a mutual agreement between an entity and a skilled human being, the agreement says I the employee will produce output in exchange for value and as part of the terms we must show each other mutual respect, most short sighted employers think the opposite of this, that they own rights to the employee, their life, family time and mental health.

I conclude, waiting 3 months for a software engineer can have a severe impact on delivery of product, meeting certain market opportunities and innovation. I can imagine some industries would not raise an eyebrow, speaking on behalf of the tech community I can say with confidence, it’s a very big problem.

I’d like to hear from those employers that believe in and stand by the 3 month notice period and why they think it's morally fair and reasonable to threaten employees with legal action if they refuse an outrageous 3 month notice period.

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