January 15, 2021

Why freight forwarders are choosing Cargo Forwarder™ for their e-commerce customers.

Written by:
Mick Morris

In a changing landscape keeping existing customers is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more digital logistics services become available to shippers.

Your customers will stay with you because you add value to their business

The number one reason a customer will stay with you is because you add value to their business. When it comes to e-commerce shipments - time equals money.

Shippers simply want to pack and send the goods without any manual tasks consuming valuable time. Traditionally a freight forwarder would look after stock replenishing by sea and air and would struggle to compete with the shippers WMS that’s connected to last mile carriers.

Innovate to stay in the game

Times have now officially changed and those freight forwarders that don't adapt will suffer at their bottom line.

Buytasker’s Cargo Forwarder™ platform connects to your customers retail POS and WMS for a full end to end forwarding service from stock replenishments to last mile delivery.

How it works is shippers connect their point of sale system or ERP to the freight forwarders Cargo Forwarder™ platform, orders are packed at the warehouse and confirmed in the platform automatically returning last mile carrier labels, or the house label that is provided in the platform. Tracking events are autonomous back to the shippers customer either by email or back to the POS such as Shopify.

Your customer's Shopify App connects to your Cargo Forwarder™ platform.

You can even integrate SMS services or API snippets so your customers can embed their own tracking within their online store without sending their customers to the last mile carrier website.

In a cross border scenario, the forwarder can consolidate multiple shipments from a number of shippers within the platform allowing them to scale and manage 10’s or even 100’s of shipments autonomously, hence paving the way for scale in e-commerce shipments. Most importantly adding value to your customers.

So now, not only does a forwarder ship the stock they also ship the last mile. The value this adds to the shippers business by offering a total end to end logistics service results in sticky customers that would have a hard time justifying leaving you, in return the freight forwarder increases revenue by charging for last mile labels and air consolidation.

The freight forwarder increases revenue by charging for last mile labels and air consolidation.

Both drop shippers and domestic parcel delivery can be handled by the freight forwarders cargo forwarder platform which for most forwarders is a new source of revenue.

Those forwarders with local fleets can easily integrate driver route planners into Cargo Forwarder™ effectively becoming a last mile e-commerce carrier. This opens up so many opportunities to innovate and scale a significant logistics business where growing the number of customers is your only limitation.

The chain of value is undeniable and one of the most obvious methods of progress for freight forwarders to ensure they get skin in the e-commerce game and retain their customers for many years through the evolution of digital logistics.

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