June 13, 2021

Valid reasons why freight Forwarders fall off the technology curve.

Written by:
Mick Morris
“When nothing is broken, why fix it?”

Every single day we hear this from Freight Forwarders, either the gatekeeper or the decision maker.

“We already have a solution”

This is another frequently thrown around rebuttal, before we have even begun to pitch our future partnership and evaluate the legitimacy of this claim, the Freight Forwarder is quick to try and escape the conversation.

“What we already have works, so we’re happy for now”

It’s always so sad to hear about solutions they have bolted together and locked in their 3 - 5 year budget commitments into propping up their operations, with a software vendor contract which does nothing to help facilitate scale and adoption of industry advancements and simply locks them in to eternity, handing over the fate of their enterprise to a software vendor that has no interest in the success of your business and only the contract value.

Meanwhile the Digital Logistics evolution continues and without them, almost certainly they are headed for a slow frustrating undoing of their business, customer loyalty and ultimately their livelihoods, all because they didn’t see it coming. Underestimating how prepared they needed to be to move with the industry into the next era of Supply Chain Interoperability and technology that scales effortlessly and not just ‘propped up’.

Relying on traditional Freight Forwarding that they know ‘works’ and has worked fantastic for over 15 years and in their opinion continues to work, traditional forwarding is wearing thin and more and more Freight Forwarders are now becoming more open to a technology partnership with Buytasker. They are beginning to see the onslaught of challenges and need to prepare. 

There are those that understand a freight management solution is no longer enough, they have to be able to do more, they have to be tech enabled, they have to find a suitable partnership. But how can they do this within an SME budget?

The answer is simple. A partnership with Buytasker is a win-win situation, our success is based on only if you are successful.

The problem is, most Freight Forwarders simply don’t understand what technology is available to them today, what they need to do and furthermore how they can make it work within budget and implementation time. 

“Send me an Email”

As the potential incredible and enabling partnership finds the dark gloomy hole of the unread spam folder.

 The question is not "is it broken?’", it is actually "how we can together improve and thrive your Freight Forwarding business?’", let’s together scale at an incredible pace and demand nothing extra from you the freight Forwarder other than commitment and belief in our partnership.

The inevitable technology advancements naturally will erase a percentage of Freight Forwarders that are not readily equipped to compete in digital logistics in a post pandemic world. 

Truth is most Freight Forwarders just feel out of their depth in the world of cloud based deployed scalable API solutions and systems interoperability and cannot facilitate amazing new opportunities such as large volume e-commerce, they have convinced themselves what they have is ‘good enough’ for what they need to do. This approach is like treading in shark infested waters, eventually one will bite as the Digital Forwarders move in on their customers' loyalty with more dynamic logistics technology, wiping decades of hard work off the unsuspecting Freight Forwarders balance sheet in the blink of an eye. 

Those that elect a 5 year commitment to platforms like CargoWise that offer nothing more than a sales contract in comparison to a partnership with Buytasker. Our Cargo Forwarder™ solution  can take your business light years ahead of where you are now and can do this very easily, quickly and at low cost. Powered by modern API-first technology versus throttled infrastructure that is costly and over baked.

Let’s connect and have a conversation about scaling your business effortlessly in a modern world of digital logistics.