October 2020 brings the release of Buytasker’s new Cargo Services Software, empowering Freight Forwarders with interoperable digital capabilities for their operations and their customers.

As a software solution, Buytasker’s mission is to collaborate with any proven Supply Chain solution that can add value to our customer, the Freight Forwarder.

Ten years ago, Freight Forwarders we’re limited to using systems and processes that were slow and somewhat offline. Fast forward to today and there are lots of emerging software solutions that target many pain points of the Supply Chain including customer transparency, accessibility, data communication and transforming paper based processes to digital.

It’s an exciting time for the industry with an undeniable shift to digital logistics happening globally. We’re always discovering new partners that bring modern digital solutions to replace outdated day to day processes for the Freight Forwarder.

As a software solution, Buytasker’s mission is to collaborate with any proven Supply Chain solution that can add value to our customer, the Freight Forwarder.

We’re integrating and connecting seamlessly to the best solutions to ensure we continue to develop and centralise all applications in a Freight Forwarders toolkit into one single interoperable UI and API.

For our customers that are fortunate enough to have in-house tech teams, Buytasker’s Cargo Services API allows extensibility for Logistics teams to build applications to further streamline complex processes and data exchange between systems and physical locations. For those without in-house tech or development budgets, Buytasker includes 100’s of popular applications integrated and ready for your business to consume.

Buytasker’s Cargo Services Software is licensed as a white label product so the Freight Forwarder can modernise and present their digital services to their customers as their own brand and without the expense of system development and maintenance of their own technology.

Designed to modernise the Freight Forwarder, the main features of Buytasker’s Cargo Services software are:

  • Cloud based cargo management platform for quotes rates and bookings.
  • Customer and agent booking with integrated tracking.
  • Carrier bookings and automation for Air, Sea and Road shipments.
  • Ecommerce last mile integration with integrated Shopify and Woocommerce plugins.
  • Integrated productivity, communications and supply chain applications.
  • Billing and Invoice management with cloud accounting sync.
  • 20+ supported transport documents such as AWB and Cargo Manifest. 
  • Global rate exchange for Air, Sea and Road.
  • Drag and drop automation scripts to 1000x your speed and scale.

As a value add, Buytasker's design team will modernise the Freight Forwarders public facing website with design services to ensure their digital capabilities are well represented and comprehended by their customers and agent partners.

Buytasker’s Cargo Services Software is more than a low cost SAAS product, it is a digital partnership and Supply Chain Technology Platform that accelerates the transformation of your business into a modern freight forwarder, changing the odds in your favour and keeps you in the game and competing aggressively with large tech logistics.

Happy Freight Forwarding

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Published on:

Monday, October 5, 2020