January 12, 2021

Amazing new opportunities for Freight Forwarders - Forward Looking 2021

Written by:
Mick Morris

We’re looking for freight forwarders who want to make a difference be leaders in their field and provide a quality service to their customers.

If this sounds like you, then read on ...

2020 was undoubtedly the toughest year the world has seen for generations, however, through our darkest days there are opportunities manifesting, ways we can improve, do things better, faster and more cost efficiently. 

Without a global pandemic businesses would rarely have to break the mould and be 'rapidly different' and would cruise week to week with an equilibrium of orders and customers and steady growth. 

2021 gives rise to amazing new opportunities where the world of business has recalibrated and is repositioning systems and processes to drive forward into a new digital era that is a million miles away from the previous gloomy year. 

Since late 2019 our engineers have been developing and now completed a new system for freight forwarding. A system that says goodbye to the old clunky outdated systems of old and brings the fantastic new modern era of a digital forwarder in sharp focus. 

A system that rewards your customers with online transparency and interoperability transforming your business to what looks and feels like a formidable global logistics provider. 

Launch a white label product for your business that is truly the only platform in the market today that can bring total digital transformation whilst remaining non invasive to your current customers and processes. You can adapt 5% or the whole 100% of the system capabilities depending on the level of transformation you can handle. 

Below is an example of a Buytasker Client that has recently launched their Cargo Forwarder™ White Label. They created this video to showcase to their customers what they can now offer as a Digital Forwarder.

We’ve connected the world of e-commerce seamlessly so you can scale at speed by bringing new and existing customers in a true plug and play approach. 

Taking it further, the platform is extensible and offers your customers your own digital logistics API so they can apply their own tech to talk in real time to your system. Similarly you can easily connect your platform to any system in your supply chain. 

Automation is key to growth and the buzzword has been thrown around for the past few years. No longer is automation out of reach or an over complicated pipe dream, the system has a “no code” approach to automating last mile carriers and other applications, this makes automation for monotonous tasks the driver behind saving hours of time paving the way to scale your operations. 

The greatest years in digital logistics are about to happen, your white label of Buytasker’s Cargo Forwarder™ is the vehicle you need to drive safely in this new era, at low cost you can scale, compete and relax knowing you’re at the top of your class both online and offline providing modern a logistics service. 

Our mission is to make it easy for a freight forwarder to become a global logistics tech solution.

If you’re interested to learn more about Buytasker’s Cargo Forwarder™ software, please get in touch.