Cargo Forwarder


Cargo Forwarder is an open source, multi-office and cloud based freight management system.

Booking Management.

Customer's can login to the platform and create an Air/Sea/Road/Customs Booking.

An Agent can create a booking on behalf of the customer.

Individual customer bookings can be merged into consolidations. 

The API can be used to instruct and create a booking following the guides and API documentation. API keys can be created by the Agent allocated to the customer.

Shared Booking URLs can be dynamically generated and sent to non-users who can contribute files and messaging to the booking, for example, a haulage company.

Shipping documents can be created such as Airway Bills, Bills of Lading, Manifests and Collection/Delivery Notes.

On the booking management page Tab Views display customised views such as status and task view. Status, being the latest tracking event, tasks being what tasks are due on the booking. Open source allows the developer to create bespoke custom views.

Transport documents can be created such as House Airway Bills, Manifests and Booking Confirmations, open source allows the developer to create any number of documents bespoke to the Freight Forwarder.

Integrations to external applications can be consumed on a booking, such examples are ECU worldwide for Sailing Schedules and Container Booking MBOL. Open source allows the developer to integrate any external application.

Account managers can be applied to customers so multiple agents can filter only the customer bookings that are allocated to them.

Job Cost Allocator allows you to keep track of all costs and charges applicable to the booking, this is fundamental to create P&L reports across multiple customers and shipment modes.  

Communications such as emails are filtered to the booking from the master email inbox.

Consignment Labels can be ordered and downloaded, the external label provider must be first integrated into the application as per the API documentation and developer guides. Open source allows the developer to integrate any external label provider, examples such as DHL, UPS, Fedex etc…

Quotations and Rates.

Customers and partners can receive quotes directly to email and/or within their customer login.

Quotes can be instantly accepted or rejected by the customer and negotiated.


An application wide search option with predefined search parameters to easily locate a booking, customer, tracking status, container, flight or even a product SKU, from anywhere in the application and always visible.

Open source allows the developer to create more bespoke search parameters to suit the Freight Forwarders operations.


A sitewide Inbox can connect to any SMTP server for integrated email communication.

The inbox can automatically filter emails into bookings.

Bookings can be instructed from emails.

Quotes can be instructed from emails.

Open source allows the developer to further develop the inbox to suit the needs of the Freight Forwarder.

Task Management.

Bookings can be pre populated with task templates to match a certain set of criteria such as ‘Customer A / Shipping Mode Air.’

Tasks can be assigned to agents or customers to complete at a set due date.


Invoices can be generated on a booking and published to the customer.

Branding theme options for creating invoices in multiple currencies.

Create Purchase Orders and Bills and Sync with your external Accounting Package.

Syncing of invoices to the Freight Forwarders Business Accounting Package such as Sage, Xero or Quickbooks can be instructed using the Sync Invoice option.


Manage customers, partners and suppliers and save contacts to companies.

Sync contacts with external applications, attach files and documents to companies and manage contact addresses.


A number of pre-loaded supported Integrations are available for Air, Sea and Road.

Open Source allows the developer to easily integrate any external application.

Customs Integrations.

External Customs APIs can be integrated following the developer guides.

Pre-loaded supported customs libraries available for certain territories.


Open Source allows the developer to be able to easily apply bespoke automation per customer per application.

Reduce time and cost of work by applying simple monotonous tasks to be automated.


Cargo Forwarder was built API-first and ships with a set of API endpoints for customers, developers and partners to consume.

Instruct bookings and documents, Configure webhooks and consume Tracking endpoints API.

Deployed Ecommerce Apps.

Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify can configure Cargo Forwarder to act as a native Shopify App.

Cargo Forwarder can integrate with any Ecommerce Shopping Cart System. 


Open source allows the developer to build any report and load within the reports section.

White Label.

Cargo Forwarder is deployed as a white label customised to the Freight Forwarders business.


Cargo Forwarder is built for scalability and installed on your top level domain cloud hosted, such as with unlimited sites. Such as and Stateless application technology means no server dependency.

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