Enterprise Edition

Take control of your Digital Logistics journey.

No more annual renewal bill or monthly fees, Buytasker’s Cargo Forwarder®️ Enterprise Edition is open source, multi-office and cloud hosted giving you back control of your vision to compete and stay relevant as a Freight Forwarder in today’s evolving digital landscape.

No more annual renewal bill or monthly fees.

The Enterprise Edition ships Cargo Forwarder®️ as an open source multi-office solution that you control with an on-premise license, hosted in the cloud. Instantly open up your digital roadmap to future growth, develop your ideas, fine tune your customer service and create new opportunities as an API enabled digital freight forwarder.

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How it works.

Buytasker Support Services deploys your Cargo Forwarder®️ software directly to your IT Data Centre with a hosted server that you control.

Setup, installation and configuration of your cloud server is done for you.
Ongoing Application Support is included with your Enterprise License.

Developer Credits included with your License can be allocated to integrate your required app integrations such as Carriers and Customs or tweaking and customising your Cargo Forwarder®️ user interface.

Freedom to grow.

All your shipping and customer data is stored safely within your AWS cloud account databases, no more restricted access to your own data, easily connect BI tools and build reports.

The Software License attached to the Enterprise Edition provides you with the flexibility and rights to modify, enhance and develop your Cargo Forwarder software with integrations whilst still syncing with security updates, new software features and integrations. All can be managed using your own staff or using Buytasker Support Services.

The Server License Agreement bound to the Enterprise Edition is perpetual meaning no more annual renewals or forced updates, keep the Intellectual Property you work hard to develop safely housed within the server environment that you own.

Cargo Forwarder is built on open source technology, freedom to modify and expand is critical to aligning your software with your business needs and goals. Whether you use Buytasker’s Support Services or you already have the skilled professionals within your team to manage your logistics software environment, the Enterprise Edition is perfect for you.

Enterprise Edition

Scale at your own pace building with your own intellectual property and vision.

Control the direction of where you think your business needs to go.

Developer Credits.

Your Cargo Forwarder®️ Enterprise Edition includes Buytasker Support Services Free Developer Credits, the amount of credits are determined by your fee schedule. There is a sufficient amount of Developer Credits gifted to you to get you started that can ensure you can achieve all your tweaks and changes to meet your business needs.

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Developer Support Services.

If you choose to employ your own developers or freelancers, Buytasker's Developer Support Services ensures your engineers have all the required documentation and training to understand the technology stack they will be working with. This is a free service to ensure you’re getting the support you require to make your business a success.

With Buytasker’s Managed Support Services including Free Developer Credits plus if you'd prefer you can access to the best freelance developer network you can shape your online logistics platform to meet the needs of your business and customers.

Support Services

We're here for you always to keep your business moving with our in-house developers and server engineers.

Freelance Network

Don't need Support Services? We can offer optional access top talent to help you build your vision.

Flexible Payments

Worried about the financial cost? Don't be! You can spread your payments up to 24 months.

Become Investable.

Take your Digital Logistics business to the next level, with our support we can assist in matching you with Supply Chain investors to raise funding for your Digital Freight Forwarding platform. Investors are flocking to the Supply Chain industry as we see many disruptive startups and innovations in the space. Literally billions in capital have been deployed worldwide over the past year to Digital Freight Forwarders with a key advantage of deployed technology and your lack-of. Earn yourself a slice of the action by taking back control today.