Your digital freight forwarding journey starts with Cargo Forwarder.®️

Cloud hosted, multi-office, freight management software, designed so your business can work with your partners and customers together in real-time.

Remove Limitations.

Designed with you, the forwarder in mind, to reduce the workload on your team and give your customers the best experience partnering with your business. Reduce time spent manually processing documents, speed up time to quote jobs and seamlessly push bookings to partners around the world.

E-Commerce Logistics

Your Cargo Forwarder platform can be deployed into Shopify and other popular E-commerce applications to open up the lucrative world of e-commerce logistics to your business through integrating your WMS to your customers online shopping cart to deliver last mile logistics services to your customers customer.

API Interoperability

Instantly offer your customers an API gateway from their ERP to yours, plus connect all your business critical applications in one place, removing the need to login over and over. No more Excel spreadsheets, double entry of data or manually transferring data across systems.

"We have great feedback from our customers and staff. They find our new booking system very easy to use and efficient. It has reduced data entry and steps in our operations."
Anya Jimenez, President, M3 International
"RSA Global is a tech driven logistics company, we consider Buytasker an important pillar that we depend on for winning business"
Kinan Alami, Senior Manager, RSA Global.

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